Fresh GeForce drivers released for WinXP through Win8

Nvidia has brewed a fresh batch of drivers for owners of GeForce graphics cards, and just about anybody can help themselves. Folks running Windows XP through 7 can grab the 296.10 release, while Windows 8 users are being served a different 296.17 driver. Both releases are available through the driver portal.

The 296.10 driver will probably be the most sought after. It introduces support for the GeForce GTX 560 SE, an apparent newcomer Nvidia seems to have kept quiet about thus far (and which currently lacks a product page on the company's website). 3D Vision support for Dear Esther and Deep Black: Reloaded is also on the menu, as are purported SLI multi-GPU performance improvements in Blacklight: Retribution, DiRT 3, Dishonored, Dungeon Defenders, F1 2011, and rFactor 2.

Oh, and there are bug fixes, of course. You can see a full list of those in the official release notes (PDF).

Nvidia has also published release notes for the Windows 8 driver, but those don't seem to list new features or squashed bugs. Nvidia is promising to offer regular Windows 8 driver updates from now on, though, so folks running the Consumer Preview shouldn't feel too left out.

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