So, did you pre-order a "new iPad?" After really enjoying the iPad 2 and being very excited about the prospect of that high-density display, I happily took the plunge. In fact, I was on a flight to San Francisco last Wednesday afternoon, so I had the fun of attempting to place an order on Apple's desperately overwhelmed website via Southwest Airline's viciously overwhelmed in-flight Wi-Fi service. Fortunately, an embarrassing number of attempts eventually resulted in success, and I placed my order, which was due for delivery on the launch date, March 16.

Last Thursday night, I was notified via email that my iPad had shipped from Nashville, and it has sat in FedEx's Nashville facility since then, with a status of "future delivery requested." I think it's about to start moving again. The smart cover I ordered with the iPad was delivered to my home this past Saturday morning, believe it or not. Still hoping somebody slips up and delivers the iPad a little early.

I've also changed my philosophy on storage for iDevices and such. My standard in the past has always been to buy the cheapest, lowest-capacity model available and then to complain about the premium for larger sizes. However, experience has taught me some things. First, this is not the sort of flash storage one would find on a USB stick. Even relatively large games, like the over-1GB Infinity Blade types, load quite quickly on an iPad 2. Beyond the load times for such games, one is almost never perceptibly waiting solely for storage on such a device. The better analogy for the flash storage in a decent tablet is probably an SSD, like in a laptop. That class of storage can be worth paying for. Second, for me, these devices tend to have a relatively long useful life, even though I upgrade often. My kids still play games on my old iPhone 3G, for instance, and I really wish it had more storage space. My iPad 2 will probably have similar duties soon, and it's nearly out of room. The bottom line is that there's a very rational case to be made for stepping up to a larger capacity.

In fact, I hit "buy" on the 64GB version of the new iPad about seven times the other day. All of those attempts failed, and cooler heads prevailed by the time I succeded in pre-ordering: 32GB was my eventual choice. I figure more than double the effective capacity (since the OS takes some room) of my current tablet should suffice. Still, the storage requirements for pictures and video that can take full advantage of that display may be pretty considerable. We're talking Blu-ray class resolution, at least. I hope I won't regret skimping!

In other news, I'm still waiting for Samsung to make good on its promise of an Ice Cream Sandwich update for my Galaxy Tab 10.1. I'd like to tell those guys what to do with their TouchWiz UI and the delays it causes, but there only rudeness follows.

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