Firefox 11 arrives with snazzy 3D dev tools

A new version of Firefox has arrived, and users have two major new features to look forward to: add-on sync, which lets you synchronize add-ons across multiple systems, and Tilt, which... well, just watch the video below:

I suppose one could accurately describe Tilt as a 3D DOM inspector. It shows the document object model hierarchy as stacked 3D layers on the page, and it lets you swoop around and select different layers at your leisure. Tilt uses WebGL, and it interfaces with the other components of Firefox's built-in dev tools, so you can get an at-a-glance view of the HTML and CSS code tied to selected elements. Pretty cool, huh?

To access Tilt, simply right-click on a page, select "Inspect Element," and click "3D" on the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the browser window.

Firefox's dev tools might still be a little new and lacking in features—at least compared to the famous Firebug extension and Google's Chrome dev tools—but clearly, Mozilla isn't intent on just playing catch-up. I have a feeling Firefox may prove more invaluable than ever next time I have to freshen up TR's CSS with new features and/or design tweaks.

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