Giant robots battle in MechWarrior Online gameplay trailer

Remember the free-to-play, PC-exclusive MechWarrior Online game we learned about last November? In the months since, more details about the title have trickled out through a series of developer blogs and Q&A sessions. There's actually quite a lot of information if you're willing to sift through it all.

If you're in the mood for something a little more condensed, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has posted an early look at the game based on what it saw at the Game Developer's Conference last week. GDC also spawned an official gameplay trailer, which is embedded below.

Yeah, that brings back some memories. The environments aren't as richly detailed as I'd expect from the CryEngine 3 game, but the water looks good, and the trailer is mercifully devoid of dubstep. The most important thing is that MechWarrior Online appears to stay true to the franchise's roots.

The free-to-play angle is admittedly a new twist, but the developer seems adamant about players not being able to buy a competitive advantage. According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, skill points can only be earned by playing the game. Folks will have the option of paying for faster repairs between battles, and they'll of course be able to buy cosmetic upgrades for their mechs, but that appears to be it. Let's hope Team Fortress-style hats aren't allowed, although I suppose a giant sombrero could be useful in keeping one's mech from overheating on the warmer desert levels.

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