Next-gen MacBooks reportedly in production

Despite that Ivy Bridge delay Intel vaguely confirmed last month, Apple's next-gen MacBooks may already in production, according to supply-chain sources quoted by DigiTimes earlier today.

The site reports that shipments of the systems to Apple will total 100,000 to 150,000 units this month. That number is expected to rise to 900,000 units "eventually." In spite of that, however, DigiTimes goes on to say Apple may not have Ivy Bridge-powered notebooks out the door any sooner than its competitors:

The availability of Apple's new MacBook Pro might come at the same time non-Apple brands launch their new Ivy Bridge ultrabooks, the sources observed. New models from non-Apple brands were previously expected to hit market shelves earlier, which was seen as a good time to sell prior to Apple's new product release, but have been postponed due to a revised shipping schedule for Ivy Bridge chips, according to the sources.

The story also echoes a rumor that's been making the rounds lately: that upcoming MacBook Pro notebooks will look like the MacBook Air, with no optical drives and slim aluminum enclosures. With articles like these floating around and Intel being officially vague about Ivy Bridge launch timing, though, it's hard to know exactly when the new machines will see the light of day.

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