Three million new iPads sold already

That newfangled iPad seems to be selling pretty well, despite the mildly confusing branding. Apple revealed earlier today that it's sold no fewer than three million of the devices since the retail rollout last Friday.

Now, keep in mind the new iPad became available for pre-order on March 7. Since Apple's announcement makes no mention of that, it's probably safe to assume the three-million figure is an aggregate of pre-order fulfillments and purchases made over the weekend.

Still, that's a lot of iPads. Three million devices in 12 days works out to a quarter million sales per day. For reference, Apple sold 15.43 million iPads during last year's holiday quarter, which adds up to daily sales of just under 168,000.

New Android devices may be augmenting the tablet market and causing Apple's overall share to shrink (going by IDC's numbers, at least), but the iPad is still as hot an item as ever.

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