Report: Few Win8 ARM tablets will be available at launch

Unnamed tipsters have fed some juicy details to Bloomberg about Microsoft's Windows 8 release plans. Now, the site claims to know not just when Windows 8 will come out, but also how many ARM-based Windows 8 tablets we can expect at launch.

According to the tipsters—"people with knowledge of the schedule" who "declined to be named because the plans are confidential," Bloomberg says—the plan is for Windows 8 to go gold this summer and hit stores in October.

There will reportedly be 40 Intel systems and "fewer than five" ARM-based devices available at launch. Bloomberg claims the ARM devices will all be tablets, but I'm guessing the Intel launch lineup will include a boatload of conventional PCs.

Even a small handful of ARM-based Windows 8 tablets could be enough, though, provided they're affordable and well built. Of course, to really draw in users, Windows 8 is going to need a robust app ecosystem. A horde of cheap ARM-based tablets won't really help with that on launch day.

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