Opteron 3200 series plugs into AM3+ socket

AMD has unveiled a new processor family aimed at web hosting providers. The low-cost, Bulldozer-based Opteron 3200 series is designed to offer "enterprise-class reliability" at desktop prices—and for Socket AM3+ motherboards.

AMD hasn't updated its Opteron pricing chart with full specs and pricing for the new models. However, the footnotes of the press release reveal some details. Apparently, the Opteron 3250 will cost just $99, while the 3260 and 3280 will run $125 and $229, respectively. Those first two parts are quad-core models with 45W thermal envelopes. The Opteron 3280 has eight cores and a 65W TDP.

AMD doesn't quote clock speeds for each model, but it does say the Opteron 3200 series features base clock speeds of 2.7GHz and Turbo speeds of "up to" 3.7GHz. The eight-core offerings have 16MB of total cache, while the quads make do with half that. A memory speed of 1866MHz is supported on all models, but only with one DIMM hanging off each of the CPU's dual memory channels. Using more DIMMs will require falling back to 1600MHz.

AMD says the Opteron 3200 series is already shipping in solutions from Dell, Fujitsu, MSI, and Tyan. Socket AM3+ motherboards can accommodate the new Opterons, too, although they likely haven't received the same reliability and validation testing as their server-bound counterparts.

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