The Walking Dead game trailer looks artsy

Sick of zombies in popular media and games yet? No? All right, then. Telltale Games has released a trailer for its upcoming episodic game series based on the Walking Dead comics. And I've gotta say, it doesn't look half bad:

Some in-game footage from the Xbox 360 version made its way onto YouTube last week, as well. Judging by that video, the game blends cinematic gameplay with a point-and-click-style interface.

Telltale is already letting folks pre-order the first season of The Walking Dead episodes for Windows and OS X. You get five episodes for $22.49. Also, those who pre-order have a chance to become part of the game cast:

By pre-ordering the game, you're automatically entered for a chance to join the cast of the game. Our artists will model you in-game as a human who will die a horrible death, returning as a ravenous walker. You'll appear in Episode 4 of the game.

Nifty. (Thanks to TouchArcade and Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the links.)

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