Rumor: HP to merge PC and printer divisions

Just seven months ago ago, HP was making preparations to get rid of its PC business. That move was eventually canceled, and now, chatter around the web suggests HP's PC business is about to become more ensconced than ever within the company.

AllThingsD has heard from "sources familiar with the matter" that HP will soon combine its PC and printer businesses as part of a "sweeping reorganization." The Imaging and Printing Group and Personal Systems Group will become one, and the combined entity will "report to" Executive VP Todd Bradley, the man currently in charge of HP's PC division. Vyomesh Joshi, who heads the printer division, will depart HP.

Cost-cutting is reportedly one of the driving forces behind the move, but word is that HP also sees some integration opportunities. AllThingsD explains, "The plan is to have their line of business more readily integrated so they can approach customers together and with unified product offerings."

PCs with built-in printers? Laptops that run on printer ink? The possibilities are endless.

Update: HP has officially announced the move.

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