Report: Ivy Bridge motherboard prices falling already

Could a price war on Ivy Bridge motherboards be brewing before Intel's next-gen CPU even hits the market? According to DigiTimes' moles in the motherboard industry, that's exactly what's happening; first-tier motherboard makers have reportedly dropped their prices on 7-series products. Some of the boards are already on sale in parts of China and Europe, and prices have recently been cut by up to 10%, DigiTimes says.

The site claims that mobo makers were actually set to raise prices to account for the higher cost of copper. Now, it seems they're more concerned with defending market share, which should be good news for folks contemplating Ivy Bridge builds. Motherboard makers are said to be particularly intent on selling boards based on the high-end Z77 Express chipset, which will replace the current Z68.

Sandy Bridge motherboards based on the Z68 can already be had for less than $100, although the cheapest tier-one offerings start at $110. Those marks might be difficult to match with the first wave of Z77 products, but if the first shots in a price war have already been fired, maybe not.

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