More evidence points to upcoming high-DPI MacBooks

Apple isn't done cramming obscene amounts of pixels into its displays. Now that the new iPad is out, the company is rumored to have high-DPI panels in store for its next-generation MacBook laptops, as well—and Ars Technica says the evidence for those is mounting.

The site was tipped off by someone running the latest OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion developer build. Reportedly, that person encountered supersized icons in "unexpected places," including alerts in the new Messages app. A screenshot of the program's audio chat invitation shows an icon with double the usual resolution, which jives with expectations that the upcoming MacBooks will have 2880x1800 panels (1440x900 doubled, in other words, for twice the DPI and four times the megapixel count).

DigiTimes foreboded such machines last December, quoting supply chain sources who said the systems would be out in the second quarter of this year. Considering Apple has also been adding high-DPI source art to the current release of OS X, it seems that Ivy Bridge-powered MacBooks with ultra-dense displays are all but a given.

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