Rumor: Two new Intel SSDs due in May

Intel released its 520 Series SSD last month, but it's just the first in a collection of new solid-state drives due out from the chip giant this year. According to DigiTimes' sources with Taiwanese PC vendors, two more drives are due in May. Maple Crest, which sounds like a Canadian toothpaste flavor, will reportedly spawn a new 300-series SSD. The drive is supposed to be based on 25-nm MLC NAND, and I'm betting it's a replacement for the 320 Series, which is coming up on its first birthday.

Also expected in May is Ramsdale, a decidedly different offering that's rumored to sport a PCI Express interface. This drive will also use 25-nm flash, DigiTimes says, but I'd expect it to be the high-endurance variety Intel reserves for enterprise-class SSDs. Ramsdale will purportedly be dubbed the Intel 720 Series, and it's due in rather hefty 400 and 800GB capacities.

Surprisingly, there's no mention of Hawley Creek, a planned update to Intel's 311 Series caching SSD. That drive boasts 25-nm SLC NAND, and I would have expected it to arrive alongside Ivy Bridge chipsets featuring Smart Response Technology, Intel's fancy name for SSD caching.

Looking deeper into the future, the third quarter of this year will bring a new 500-series SSD with 20-nm NAND, DigiTimes' sources claim. That drive is supposed be followed by 20-nm updates to Intel's other SSDs, including its budget 300-series offerings and enterprise-oriented products in the 700 series. It seems there will be no rest for The Twins, our relentless tag-team of storage test systems.

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