Sunday Shortbread

The Pick 6

  1. AnandTech has Jen-Hsun's e-mail to Nvidia employees on a successful launch
  2. Fudzilla reports most GeForce 600 mobile GPUs are still Fermi
  3. PCWorld finds Windows 8 Preview beats Windows 7 in most performance tests
  4. What we know about Windows 8 Release
    Candidate and what's new in Windows 8 Release Candidate
  5. Nvidia GeForce 301.10 WHQL driver
  6. BGR: Android 5.0 Jelly Bean said to launch in Q3


  1. Nvidia's Haas on being two places at once: Intel and ARM - C|Net
  2. Fudzilla: MSI launches its own GTX 680
    graphics card and no sign of 7970 price wars
  3. TweakTown's John Carter 3D (2012) movie review
  4. Newegg's Weekend Express

  1. Korea Newswire: Samsung offers Premium
    Suite software upgrade for Galaxy Note users

  1. Windows 8 app developer blog: Activating Windows 8 contracts in your app
  2. EVGA Precision X v3.0.1

  1. TestFreaks review 200GB Micron RealSSD P400e
  2. Tbreak's Mission Impossible: Saving the hard drive
  3. HT4U reviews PowerColor HD 7870 PCS+ (in German)
  4. NiKKTech reviews Tt eSports Meka G-Unit keyboard
  5. Rbmods on NZXT Switch 810 case
  6. X-bit labs review Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition CPU cooler
  7. HardwareOC reviews Cooler Master Hyper 412S (in German)
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