Prey 2 may have been canceled

Oh, well, that's a shame. Human Head Studios' Prey 2 has been canceled, according to the latest chatter from around the web. Dutch website PSFocus broke the news a couple days ago, saying an official announcement from publisher Zenimax will follow some time this week. And other evidence seems somewhat damning.

Last month, Human Head's Lead Graphics Programmer, Brian Karis, complained about having to "pull all Prey2 related talks from GDC" at Zenimax's request. The Game Developers Conference took place in early March, and I believe Prey 2 was indeed a no-show. Then, last week, GameInformer sought a confirmation from Bethesda—who promptly declined to comment.

I suppose we can't pour one out until the cancellation is 100% official, but Prey 2 may very well be on the chopping block. I can't be the only one to feel disappointed. I mean, Prey 2 was supposed to have open-world bounty hunting in an alien city. Come on. Also, the trailer that came out last year looked pretty neat.

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