IHS: Intel's semiconductor revenue share on the rise

With all of those iPads and ARM-powered handsets flooding the market, you might think Intel's slice of global semiconductor sales is on a downward trend. Not so, according to the latest figures from IHS, which say Intel actually raked in a greater percentage of semiconductor revenue in 2011 than in 2010. Take a look:

Not only that, but IHS goes on to say Intel's 15.6% revenue share is the highest the company has seen since "at least 2001." (The company had a 14.9% piece of revenue at the time.) The higher share is purportedly due not just to greater demand for Intel's processors, but also to the company's success in flash memory and its purchase of Infineon's Wireless Solutions business.

Intel's success aside, IHS says 2011 was a "tough" year for the semiconductor market as a whole. Yearly growth was only 1.3%, about six points below the research firm's original predictions, and only 53% of the semiconductor companies in IHS's roster enjoyed any revenue growth at all.

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