Updated: Judge denies Hasbro's injuction request against Asus

As The Verge reports, a federal district court judge has denied Hasbro's request for an injunction that would have prevented the sale of Asus' Transformer tablets. The request was related to a lawsuit Hasbro filed against Asus alleging that the Transformer and Transformer Prime tablets infringe upon Hasbro's Transformers franchise.

Among other things, the decision said Asus' naming scheme "had nothing to do with Hasbro's products" yet "accurately describes the convertible nature of the tablets." Here's a snippet from the court document:

In sum, Hasbro has not demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits of its infringement and dilution claims. Even assuming "serious questions" going to the merits are raised, the present record fails to evidence a likelihood of irreparable injury or that the balance of the equities tips sharply in Hasbro's favor. Having waited until the purportedly infringing and diluting tablets had been on the market for almost a year, the Court sees no grounds for invoking the extraordinary and drastic remedy of preliminary relief that would reverse the status quo ante before the parties have had the opportunity to try the case on its merits. The motion is DENIED.

The denial of the injunction request means Asus will be able to continue selling its tablets as the suit moves forward.

Update 9:07AM 3/28/12: The original version of this story erroneously said that the judge had struck down Hasbro's entire suit against Asus. That's ridiculously inaccurate and is the sort of sloppy reporting we seek to avoid. We deeply regret the error and will work to prevent such mistakes in the future.

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