Poll: Where do you most want a high-DPI display?

High-DPI screens are all the rage these days. Apple deserves credit for starting the trend with the Retina display on the iPhone 4, and it's followed up in stunning fashion with the 2048x1536 pixels spread across the new iPad's 10" panel. Rumors abound that next-generation MacBooks and ultrabooks will feature high-DPI displays, as well. Microsoft has even detailed how Windows 8 will scale with higher pixel densities.

We're clearly on a path to greater pixel densities, but high-DPI displays remain relatively rare outside a handful of devices. In our latest poll, we're curious to see where you're most eager to see an increase in the number of pixels per square inch. Do you covet a high-DPI smartphone screen or would you prefer to have a higher pixel density on a tablet, notebook, or desktop display? You can cast your vote below or in the middle column on the front page.

Our last poll asked readers to predict the gaming performance of Kepler, which has finally appeared in Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680 graphics card. The GTX 680 offers roughly equivalent overall performance to the Radeon HD 7970, vindicating the 21% who figured the two cards would be neck-and-neck. 44% of voters though the GTX 680 would be faster than AMD's best, while 10% figured it would be slower. The two card are close enough that one can find examples where each one is better than the other. Everyone's a winner, sort of.

The remaining 25% thought Kepler's gaming performance would be insufficient to impress resident pessimist Krogoth. His response to the GTX 680 seems to be devoid of disappointment, which may be as close as the guy gets to being impressed by anything.

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