Rumor: Fiberglass Acer ultrabook on track for April or May

If you had an eye on industry rumors last year, you might have heard about Acer's upcoming 15" fiberglass ultrabook, which was purportedly due in early 2012. Well, guess what? DigiTimes says the machine entered production earlier this month and will reach in stores in April or May.

There's nothing official about this report, of course. The info comes from DigiTimes' sources at "Taiwan-based supply chain makers." Still, considering this is a followup to a five-month-old rumor, I think it carries some weight.

DigiTimes' sources claim Acer is gearing up for a "relatively large" number of shipments, with the hardware manufacturer, Pegatron, reportedly churning out 100,000 units each month. Interestingly, the site adds that 14- and 15-inch displays are "expected to be mainstream sizes" for second-generation ultrabooks this year. It sounds like the ultra-slim 13" models we've seen so far—and their descendents—might become a minority. (Too bad; I've always found those larger laptops a little too bulky.)

Asus, too, is rumored to have a fiberglass ultrabook in the works, though DigiTimes doesn't mention it in this latest update. Fiberglass sounds like an interesting alternative to aluminum for ultrabooks. We heard last year that it's cheaper to produce than aluminum, and it's supposed to be more flexible and less brittle than carbon fiber.

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