Spring Battlefield 3 update is out, weighs in at 1.6GB

EA DICE has released a massive, 1.6GB update for the PC version of Battlefield 3, which it says aims to make the game "more stable, fairer, and more balanced." The studio detailed the extensive list of bug fixes, improvements, and balance tweaks a few days ago, but the latest post on the official Battlefield blog goes over the highlights in a more human-readable fashion.

Those highlights include a couple of improvements to the game's user interface. The "commo rose," the team call-out pop-up menu, should now be more readable and easier to navigate with the mouse. It should now allow users to request ammo, health, and repairs from anywhere in the game, too. EA DICE has also spruced up the minimap, which now has three views a la Google Maps: map, satellite, or hybrid.

What about gameplay tweaks? Vehicles now feature horns (finally), all aircraft now have IR flares regardless of the player's rank or experience (which should make it easier for newbies to evade seasoned pilots), more assist points are set aside for helicopter pilots, and the SOFLAM laser designator points out targets automatically when left by itself. Oh, and getting suppression ribbons has purportedly become easier.

My weekly BF3 play time has gone from excessive to non-existent over the past few months, but maybe the update will drag me back in. I'm curious to see all the tweaks first-hand. In any case, it's nice to see EA DICE being so thorough about keeping the game's multiplayer fair and fun.

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