LG kicks off mass production of bendable e-paper display

Flexible displays have been promised for quite some time, and it looks like you'll be able to buy one this spring. LG has begun mass production of a 6" e-paper display crafted from bendable plastic. The screen is expected to be available in e-readers as early as next month.

Engadget has the official press release, which explains that the monochrome display offers a 1024x768 resolution. At less than a millimeter thick, it's purportedly much thinner than traditional, glass-based e-paper screens. The plastic display is also half the weight, according to LG.

Oh, and it bends. The screen can flex up to 40 degrees at its center, which may be enough for roll-up implementations. LG also touts the screen's durability, claiming it can withstand multiple five-foot drops without incurring any damage. The display can even survive a blow from a urethane hammer, LG says.

Flexible displays have a long way to go before they can match the sci-fi fantasies floating around in my head, but this looks like an important first step, especially since we're talking about mass production rather than a prototype or technology demonstration. It will be interesting to see how device makers take advantage of the screen's pliable nature—and whether there's a hefty price premium attached.

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