alt.napster: Napster alternatives has written a roundup of Napster alternatives:
Napster users had been living the high life with access to virtually any audio recording you can think of. Now that the RIAA has finally gotten the courts to order Napster to filter its traffic, Napster use has declined at a steady pace with many users jumping ship and using other P2P file-sharing programs.

The majority of the more popular file-sharing programs are decentralized, which makes copyright protection much harder to enforce. Most of the more popular file-sharing services rely on the Gnutella protocol, which is based on the idea of a transient Web; sources of information constantly changing locations. Freenet uses a different method, using "keys" to identify information in the system, and anybody can access this information using the appropriate key (much like a URL works). Unlike the Web, information on Freenet is not stored at fixed locations or subject to any kind of centralized control. Currently, there is no way to search Freenet, and no way to find a file unless you know its key.

Alternatives to the MP3 format are beginning to emerge as well.
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