Can the P4 recover?

Bert McComas of InQuest Marketing Research asks the question.
The market has spoken. It will not pay a premium for the P4 compared to AMD, regardless of a difference in clock speed. Intel is hoping that drastic price cuts can invigorate the market and help it to overlook its frustration with the new processor.

Is now a good time for manufacturers to aggressively fill their pipeline with P4+850 systems? Will the P4 platform gain any additional traction in the market? Are the P4’s woes tied exclusively to its unfamiliar performance balance, or does the platform have anything to do with it?

McComas goes on to discuss Northwood and Brookdale but this piece is more about the Pentium 4's bandwidth utilization and power consumption issues. There is some really good stuff in there about the Pentium 4's latency and burst length affecting overall performance which are backed up by benchmarks. The conclusion won't surprise but it is well worth the read.
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