Morning, folks. Good Friday is an official holiday here at TR, so we won't be publishing on a full schedule today. That's probably best, since we were working late recording the latest episode of the TR Podcast last night, and we've all put in some long hours this week.

We do have a new blog post from David about mobile displays, full of ranty goodness. Also, I have a very brief update on the GeForce GTX 680, which I somehow failed to include in my follow-up article earlier this week.

You may recall that, in our initial review, we encountered some inordinately long frame rendering times in Arkham City of roughly 180 milliseconds on the GTX 680, a problem we didn't see on any other card. We said in the article that Nvidia had attributed these slowdowns to an issue with the GPU Boost implementation in its early drivers for the GTX 680, a problem it claimed to have fixed in the final release driver. Well, prior to publishing my follow-up, I went back and re-tested with the 301.10 release drivers, with the intention of updating our performance results. Here's the thing: the long frame times in Arkham City weren't resolved. In fact, performance was entirely unchanged and consistent with our results from the older drivers. After looking into it a little with EVGA's Precision monitoring tool, I don't think the problem we saw was truly related to GPU Boost at all. Must be some other issue. The folks from Nvidia asked us for more info in order to file a bug report. Unless and until there's a true fix made, our original results remain the best reflection of current performance.

Oh, and one more thing. I've been hard at work overhauling the CPU test rigs here in Damage Labs. Have a look:

They're not quite finished yet, but we're getting there.

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