Friday night topic: A strange new cultural avenue

Although I've been here watching and helping document it the whole time, I am still vaguely amazed that we have gotten to the point where technology allows talented people to create and share things so easily—and that those developments have allowed a geeky culture to flourish that makes things like this happen:

I mean, really, a young Chuck Norris look-alike and a hot fiddler nymph play-acting Skyrim against the backdrop of a 120-track rendition of the game's musical score created by those same two people? It's... cheesy, yes, but still all kinds of incredible.

And if you look around on YouTube, the amount and quality of Skyrim-related musical performances is kind of crazy. There are metal arrangements, various vocal renditions, and more. I think my favorite (and good grief, I have a favorite?) version is this one, which is simple but very nice—and also the creation of just one person.

Any other versions of the Skyrim theme you've found worth sharing?

Beyond that, have you noticed other games or geeky things that have inspired a particularly strong set of user-created goodness? If so, what are your favorites?


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