Epic Games planning PC-only title

Looks like we're in for a rare treat: a PC exclusive from a major game studio. And not just any major game studio. Details are few and far between so far, but Joystiq reports that Epic Games has a PC-only project in the works. The endeavor has been confirmed by Epic President Mike Capps, so it's as official as official gets:

Epic Games prez Mike Capps told us after the panel that the unannounced PC project is currently underway, and that the current plans are to keep the game exclusive to the PC platform.

This is surprising news, considering Epic has been favoring either cross-platform titles or outright console exclusives for years now. (I'm looking at you, Gears of War 2 and 3.) I wonder if the upcoming title will be a proper PC blockbuster or a more casual enterprise.

Maybe this is all related to that browser-based Epic Citadel demo we saw last month. I could totally see Epic serving up a free-to-play game in the same vein as Quake Live or Battlefield Heroes. Except instead of requiring a special browser plugin and other add-ons, the game would happily run within the confines of a Flash 11.2 applet. Hmm.

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