Ivy-powered 15'' MacBook Pro could be on the way

For months now, we've been hearing rumors about Apple's next-gen MacBooks. Could the systems finally be on the verge of hitting stores? Yes, says AppleInsider, pointing to the dwindling supply of existing 15" MacBook Pro as evidence.

According to AppleInsider, resellers including J&R and Best Buy have limited to non-existent stock of certain 15" MacBook Pro models. Reportedly, the 2.2GHz version of the notebook is out of stock at J&R, and Best Buy has stopped taking home delivery orders for the 2.4GHz model. AppleInsider points out that shortages of current-gen Apple products often forebode the release of next-generation models; perhaps that's what's happening here.

The site expects Apple to begin its 2012 MacBook Pro overhaul with a 15", MacBook Air-like model, which will allegedly not feature an optical drive. Considering how seldom I've used the optical drive on my own MacBook these past few years, that wouldn't shock me.

Also, while there's no mention of display density in this latest story, the rumor mill has been hinting that next-gen MacBooks will feature high-DPI displays in the same vein as the new iPad. There's been talk of systems with 2880x1800 panels, which would have four times the pixel count of the 1440x900 screens on the existing 13" MacBook Air and 15" MacBook Pro.

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