Intel's USB 3.0 controller is faster than AMD's, too

Producing our Z77 motherboard round-up took more consecutive 12+ hour days than I'd care to admit. There simply wasn't enough time to squeeze in all the testing we wanted to do; most notably, the review lacked USB 3.0 performance numbers for the controller integrated into AMD's Llano platform. I've since run our USB 3.0 performance tests on an Asus F1A75-V Pro motherboard based on the AMD A75 chipset. This rig was equipped with an A8-3580 CPU and AMD's Catalyst 12.3 chipset drivers.

The full results for the A75 have been added to the appropriate page of our Z77 round-up. They don't change the picture for the Z77 Express, though. In CrystalDiskMark, Intel's integrated USB 3.0 controller is faster than AMD's in both sequential and random I/O tests. The AMD controller looks particularly weak in the latter, but we're more interested in how the controller fares with real-world file transfers. Here's how things shake out in FileBench, which uses Windows 7's built-in copy mechanism:


Intel's USB 3.0 controller remains the fastest overall. It transfers our file sets substantially faster than the A75 in both directions.

The A75's SuperSpeed USB controller is still plenty quick, especially if you're pairing it with a mechanical hard drive rather than the wicked-fast SSD we used for testing. AMD also deserves credit for getting its integrated USB 3.0 solution onto the market more than nine months ahead of Intel. However, the Intel controller appears to have been worth the wait.

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