Gartner: PC shipments grew 1.9% last quarter

The PC industry is gaining momentum again, judging by the latest preliminary data from Gartner. The market research firm says global PC shipments grew 1.9% last quarter compared to the same time period a year ago—above the company's own forecast of 1.2%.

Interestingly, the firm says growth was slower than expected in China and India, but greater than anticipated in the "EMEA" super-region (which encompasses Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). The United States didn't fare all that well, though, with shipments falling by 3.5% compared to last year. Then again, that wasn't as bad as the 6.1% decline Gartner's analysts were expecting.

The report includes some market share numbers, too. Stateside, Apple managed to out-ship Acer, becoming the nation's third-biggest PC vendor (behind HP and Dell) with a 10.6% slice of the market. There's no danger of the Mac maker becoming number-two anytime soon, though, considering it shipped less than half as many PCs as Dell. Meanwhile, HP gained a few market share points, going from 26.2% in the first quarter of 2011 to 29% last quarter, and Dell stayed flat at 22.3%. HP and Apple were the only two of the top five U.S. PC vendors to register any kind of shipment growth.

According to Gartner's global figures, HP remained the world's biggest PC vendor by shipments last quarter, with slightly increased market share—17.2%, up from 16.9%. Lenovo surged to the number-two spot, with its market share rising from 10.4% to 13.1%. Dell and Acer both registered small share drops, which came hand-in-hand with reduced shipments. Asus, which is now in fifth place behind Acer, was the only PC vendor beside Lenovo to enjoy both shipment and market share growth.

Check out Gartner's report for the full market share and shipment data.

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