Medal of Honor trailer shows Frostbite-fueled gameplay

Battlefield 3 is one of the most beautiful PC games around thanks in part to its Frostbite 2 engine. That engine is also being used to power the next chapter in the Medal of Honor series, dubbed Warfighter. The game isn't due until the end of October on the usual platforms, but a gameplay trailer has already hit the web.

Mercifully, the soundtrack is more industrial metal than thumbing dubstep. The music reminds me quite a lot of Battlefield 3, and the graphics have the same feel, as is to be expected from a modern-day shooter built with similar engine technology.

There are too many quick cuts in the trailer to get a real sense of the gameplay, but I'd expect the usual mix of firefights, stealth missions, and vehicular combat. Nothing in the trailer suggests that Warfighter will deviate from the Call of Duty formula for heavily scripted shooters. Even if it's more of the same, though, Warfighter looks like a visually stunning ride.

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