Key specs for Intel-powered Windows 8 tablets revealed

What will Intel-powered Windows 8 tablets look like? At the Intel Developer Forum in Bejing this week, Intel disclosed its proposed specifications for those devices. CNet News has the scoop.

The site says Win8-toting Intel tablets will come in two flavors: "pure" 10-inch designs, and "hybrid" 11-inch machines with physical keyboards. I'm guessing the hybrid models might take after Asus' Eee Pad Transformer. The Intel tablets will also feature the Atom Z2670, a dual-core chip with "burst mode" functionality (which sounds a bit like Turbo Boost) and Hyper-Threading.

Other key specs will include battery life longer than nine hours, a weight of less than 1.5 lbs, a thickness under 9 mm, and perks like 3G/4G connectivity, near-field communication, and Wi-Fi Direct, which should enable Wi-Fi connectivity between devices even in the absence of an access point.

There's no word on pricing yet, though.

Intel tablets might be in the majority when Windows 8 debuts. Intel told IDG News earlier this week that it's working with 10 vendors in China and elsewhere on such devices. Intel China Chairman Sean Maloney stated, "You'll probably see many Intel-based tablets by the end of this year." Meanwhile, according to an unconfirmed Bloomberg report from last month, "fewer than five" ARM-based devices will be ready for the Windows 8 launch.

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