NSI decides it's too popular

As if screwing over a grad student wasn't enough, now Network Solutions has stepped into the etoy.com fray by blocking their e-mail. You will recall that there is already a large contingent of pissed-off people looking to "destroy" etoys.com for their treatment of the European art site etoy.com.

Well now, according to this Wired article, NSI has intervened, blocking the etoy.com e-mail addresses. According to the article, this move goes beyond the scope of a temporary injunction imposed by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

Others are getting involved as well, it seems. At least one network administrator has blocked access to the etoys.com domain for all his users as a protest; he theorizes more will follow if they haven't already. Meanwhile, the plot thickens; etoy.com claims that at least one trademark that etoys.com referred to when getting the temporary injunction was rejected by the U.S. Trademark office.

Regardless, NSI's involvement is an example of how, "global community" warm fuzzies aside, national borders are still prominent on the Internet. NSI states in the article that it routinely shuts down domain names when court orders are issued; I wonder if that applies to any court or only U.S. courts? If the latter, it seems that U.S. companies have a distinct advantage when it comes to domain disputes.

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