Report: Google Drive launching next week

Rumors about a free, cloud-based Google storage service date back to at least 2007. The search giant may finally be on the cusp of making the service a reality, though. The Next Web claims to have it on good authority that Google Drive will debut next week, possibly on Tuesday.

It says the service will offer 5GB of free storage capacity—3GB more than Dropbox—with, of course, upgrade options for users willing to pay. The Next Web also hints at Windows and OS X integration, saying its sources expect the service to work "in desktop folders" on both operating systems. That sounds like the cloud storage will show up as a directory in Finder and Windows Explorer, provided you install the right software.

This is the first report to forecast a mid-April arrival for Google Drive. Last month, TechCrunch predicted that Google would introduce the service during the week of April 16. The site also mentioned 5GB of free storage capacity, just like The Next Web.

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