Crytek shows latest CryEngine features

I don't know if this new CryEngine eye candy will make its way into Crysis 3, but I would certainly hope so. Crytek has released an update to its free CryEngine SDK, bringing it up to version 3.4.0 and adding a host of improvements, from "revamped" DirectX 11 tessellation to enhanced character rendering. (Here's hoping the tessellation is better than the mess in Crysis 2.) The trailer below showcases some of the changes:

Crytek says DX11 support has "come a long way since Crysis 2," gaining features like "Phong, PN triangles and displacement maps, along with no need for pre-tessellated assets." Character rendering tools now have "[n]ew settings, checkboxes and sliders for things like oiliness, iris control, colors, pupil dilatation, tessellation and parallax support," and CryEngine 3.4.0 also boasts a new-and-improved shader for rendering realistic glass surfaces.

Game developers can download the CryEngine 3.4.0 SDK here free of charge. Crytek says folks are free to use the engine for educational or non-commercial purposes. If you plan to make money, though, you'll have to pay up and get a license from the company. (Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the heads up.)

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