Intel posts first-quarter revenue

What's that? Intel's latest round of quarterly results don't break all sorts of new records? Color us surprised.

The world's biggest CPU maker still raked in plenty of cash last quarter, of course: $2.7 billion profits on $12.9 billion revenue, to be exact. That's a teeny bit more revenue and less profits than a year ago, though to be fair, the company's gross margin did grow by a few points:

  Q1 2011 Q4 2011 Q1 2012
Revenue $12.8 billion $13.9 billion $12.9 billion
Net income $3.2 billion $3.4 billion $2.7 billion
Gross margin 61% 64.5% 64%

Intel expects better performance this quarter. "In the second quarter we’ll see the first Intel-based smartphones in the market, ship products based on 22nm tri-gate technology in high volume, and accelerate the ramp of our best server product ever," says CEO Paul Otellini. The company forecasts revenue of $13.1-14.1 billion with gross margin in the 61-63% range. That would be an improvement over the second quarter of last year, when Intel reported $13 billion revenue and a 61% gross margin.

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