Original Prince of Persia code released

Releasing source code for older commercial games isn't uncommon. In fact, id Software has done it with everything from Doom to Quake III to Doom 3, usually a few years after each title's original release. What we have today is something a little different, though.

As Slashdot reports, Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner has made available the source code for the very first Prince of Persia game, which debuted in October 1989 on the Apple II. Mechner recovered the code only last month... in a carton of "old games and other stuff" his father found in a closet. Mechner says he'd been searching for the code for the past 10 years.

With the right tools and some careful work, Mechner was able to extract the source code from the 20-year-old floppy disks. He's now posted the code on github for all to enjoy. If you're hoping to do anything with it, you may want to peruse the technical information (PDF) Mechner has posted with it. The document was originally written for developers porting Prince of Persia to other platforms, he says, and it may demystify some of what's going on in those ancient lines of code.

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