Dishonored trailer sneaks onto the web

Dishonored might just be my most anticipated game of 2012. It looks like a mash-up of BioShock, Thief, and Assassin's Creed set in a Dickensian world with plenty of steampunk influences. Check out the new trailer, which offers four minutes of footage and nicely sets the stage.

The lack of gameplay is disappointing, but the cinematic video still sends a shiver down my spine. The world looks beautifully crafted, and even if the in-game graphics aren't quite as good, they certainly share the same unique style. The screenshots on display at the official Dishonored site look very slick indeed.

Arkane Studios is behind the game, and this interview with the creative directors provides some insight into how it will play. Dishonored is set in an open world that seems to give players quite a lot of freedom in how they approach individual missions. Stealth factors heavily into the gameplay, but there are avenues for a more aggro approach, as well.

Amazon's pre-order page says Dishonored will be released on December 31, which is likely a placeholder based on the game's "2012" release time frame. The game is coming to consoles in addition to the PC, where it will unfortunately fall under the Games for Windows umbrella. Let's hope it's available through Steam, as well.

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