AMD: Trinity, Brazos 2.0 launching this quarter

At the Consumer Electronics Show, AMD told us to expect its next-gen Trinity APU in the "middle of the year." That's a pretty loose time frame, and we've often heard it applied to products that have slipped into the late summer or fall. But maybe it won't happen this time. Here's what AMD CFO Thomas Seifert stated during the company's results announcement call yesterday:

We expect to build on this financial and operational momentum moving forward and look forward to the upcoming launches of Trinity and Brazos 2.0 later this quarter.

(Thanks to SeekingAlpha for the transcript.)

Since AMD's ongoing fiscal quarter roughly corresponds to the second calendar quarter, that sounds pretty prompt by usual "middle of the year" standards. I guess we might be seeing some pre-release AMD ultrabooks ultrathins alongside Ivy Bridge models at this year's Computex trade show.

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