Intel hypes unimpressive ultrabook battery life

The PC hardware front is pretty quiet today, perhaps because everyone's observing the unofficial stoner holiday. To fill the dead, hazy air, Intel has released a new ultrabook commercial titled House of Flying Laptops:

Rather than harping on the slim profiles required for ultrabook classification, Intel instead chooses to highlight battery life. Except the poorly dubbed line boasts of only seven hours of run time, which is hardly impressive. My Intel CULV-powered ultraportable still manages 8-9 hours on a single charge, and the system cost me just $550 two and a half years ago. Notebooks can achieve ultrabook status with a mere five hours of battery life, according to Intel.

What's so amusing about this commercial is the fact that Intel's ultrabook thickness requirements are what make it so difficult for notebook makers to offer longer battery life. 13.3" systems may be no thicker than 18 mm, and 14-inchers are limited to 21 mm. Am I the only one who would gladly trade a few millimeters—and even ounces—to get enough battery life to comfortably last a full working day?

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