Nvidia reveals when 'it' is coming

You might have seen Nvidia's latest launch teaser in the news last week: a single image, almost pitch black, of a GPU cooler with the caption "It's coming." As vague as it was, it piqued our interest. What exactly is coming, though, and when?

Nvidia answered the second part of that question today, posting a live countdown and a presumed launch date for whatever "it" is. Take a look:

At 7:30PM April 28th (PDT), NVIDIA will be making a special announcement at GeForce LAN / NVIDIA Gaming Festival (NGF) 2012 in Shanghai, China.

Tune in to GeForce.com for live stream coverage of the event.

As I said last week, the murky teaser photo makes me think of Nvidia's old GeForce GTX 480. Considering the (seemingly) high-profile launch, we may be looking at another high-end graphics card from Nvidia.

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