Max Payne 3 to demand 35GB of storage

Rockstar has released the official system requirements for Max Payne 3. Most of the specifications are standard fare. They call for at least 2GB of RAM, two processor cores, and a DirectX 9-class graphics card. Nvidia's GeForce 8600 GT and AMD's Radeon HD 3400 are listed as the minimum-spec GPUs, and both are pretty ancient.

There is one requirement that caught my eye, though. You'll need a whopping 35GB of storage capacity to host Max's latest bullet-time adventure. That's an awful lot of space, especially for folks with overstuffed SSDs. It's also 10GB more than is demanded by Rage, which requires lots of storage for its virtual texturing system. Max Payne 3 doesn't appear to use similar technology, but I suspect high-resolution textures are to blame for much of its bloated waistline. Not that I'm complaining—if larger footprints are needed to take advantage of the higher fidelity graphics that PCs can provide, so be it.

Besides, Max Payne 3 actually looks pretty good. Here's the latest trailer:

Quick action cuts set to music I'm too old to recognize? Check. Many bullets flying in slow motion? Check. Boozing and mini-skirts? Che... wait, what? Sex sells, I guess, and Max has always had a checkered past.

PC gamers will be able to sample Max Payne 3 on May 29, two weeks after it comes to consoles. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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