Apple posts preposterous revenue, profit growth

We've gotten used to record-breaking Apple results these past few years, but the company's latest financials really take the cake. Apple managed to practically double its profits compared to a year ago, and its revenues surged a whopping 59%, too. The numbers aren't too far off from what the company posted for the holiday quarter.

Take a look:

   Q2FY11 Q1FY12 Q2FY12
Revenue $24.67 billion  $46.33 billion $39.2 billion
Net profit $5.99 billion  $13.06 billion $11.6 billion
Gross margin 41.4%  44.7% 47.4%

Just to put things in perspective, $39.2 billion is more money than Google made for all of last year ($37.9 billion).

As you'd expect, Apple's performance can be attributed largely to strong iPhone and iPad sales. Mac shipment growth was in the single digits, and iPods continued their slow decline into irrelevance:

   Q2FY11 Q1FY12 Q2FY12
iPhones 18.65 million 37.04 million 35.1 million
iPads 4.69 million  15.43 million 11.8 million
Macs 3.76 million  5.2 million 4 million
iPods 9.02 million  15.4 million 7.7 million

Yep, you're looking at year-over-year growth of 88% for iPhones and 151% for iPads. So much for Android and Windows Phone stealing Apple's thunder.

The surge in revenue should continue during the next calendar quarter (which will correspond to the third quarter of Apple's 2012 fiscal year). Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer expects revenue of $34 billion, which would represent 19% growth compared to the same quarter a year back.

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