Thermaltake covers high-end CPU cooler with 10-year warranty

A decade is an eternity in the PC industry. Ten years ago, the Pentium 4 was trading blows with the Athlon XP, hard drives were still connected with IDE ribbons, and 512MB was an awful lot of RAM. Given the rapid pace of innovation, Thermaltake's new 10-year warranty for its Frio Extreme CPU cooler is perhaps a little excessive. We're not about to complain, though. Thermaltake is applying the warranty retroactively, so anyone who bought the cooler this year is eligible for coverage.

The Frio Extreme costs nearly $100, so it's definitely a premium offering. And it very much looks the part, with dual radiator towers, six heatpipes, and a pair of 140-mm fans. Thermaltake says the beast can dissipate up to 250W, 30W more than the single-tower Frio. The Extreme also comes with a nifty fan controller that can be switched between PWM and DC modes to accommodate different motherboard-based speed control mechanisms.

The whole package, including the fans and the controller, is covered by the 10-year warranty. It's unlikely Thermaltake will have any spare Frio parts in stock a decade from now, but the company pledges to offer an equivalent model as a replacement. Whether the new coolers a decade from now will support today's sockets remains to be seen. The Frio Extreme is compatible with the LGA775 socket that hosted the Prescott-era Pentium 4, though.

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