12.4 Catalysts tweak texture filtering

Looks like AMD has finally eased up on pre-release drivers. This month's Catalyst 12.4 update has arrived alone, without any accompanying "preview" drivers to complicate things. You can download the 12.4 Cats now from AMD's support hub.

This time, AMD's driver team has done some work on antialiasing and texture filtering optimizations. If you own a Radeon HD 7000-series GPU and enable supersampled or adaptive antialiasing through the Catalyst Control Center, AMD says you can look forward to "LOD Image quality enhancements" in DX10 and DX11 games. The company has also introduced an "improved texture filtering algorithm" that enhances image quality with "no impact to performance" on 7000-series Radeons. Last, but not least, AMD touts up to 80% higher performance when morphological antialiasing, or MLAA, is enabled on 5000-, 6000-, and 7000-series Radeons.

Stragglers will be happy to know that the entire Radeon HD 7000 series is now supported under Windows XP, as well. (Previous Catalyst releases only supported those cards under Windows 7 and Vista.)

Oh, and the 12.4 Catalysts include a few bug fixes, of course. You can read about those in the release notes. AMD says it's ironed out kinks related to image corruption in Skyrim, v-sync in Rage, and screen tearing in Eyefinity configurations.

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