Mercury Research: AMD's CPU share grew last quarter

Despite its not-so-impressive financial results, AMD apparently managed to snag some market share away from Intel last quarter. Mercury Research numbers quoted by PC World say AMD's slice of x86 processor shipments grew to 19.1% last quarter, up from 18.2% in the first quarter of 2012. Intel's share declined from 81% to 80.2% over the same time period.

More encouraging for the underdog, the data shows AMD's share of desktop x86 CPU shipments held steady at a cool 43%. PC World doesn't quote Mercury Research's mobile data, but it says customers "also opted for lower-priced laptops, many of which had AMD's chips."

The report makes another thing clear: AMD's market share growth was due more improved execution than to Intel slipping up. "Intel didn't have specific weak spots," PC World explains, while AMD "recovered from a myriad of issues."

Considering the iffy competitive positioning of its A-series APUs and FX-series CPUs—and the fact that Intel is still largely unmatched dollar-for-dollar above $200—I'm surprised AMD still holds such a huge chunk of the desktop market. I suppose most of the volume lies at lower price points, though, and the A-series product line does have a leg up over the competition on the graphics side of things. In any case, it's nice to see Intel isn't completely crushing its rival; healthy competition is a good thing.

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