EA showcases next Battlefield 3 expansion

Battlefield 3 was exactly six months old yesterday, yet EA is still hard at work developing additional content for the game—bless them for that. The next bit of downloadable content on the way is called Close Quarters, and a video trailer showcasing it has just popped onto YouTube. Behold:

According to the accompanying post on the official Battlefield blog, the Close Quarters DLC will be all about indoor infantry combat. Players can look forward to four maps and a new Conquest Domination game mode, which is "basically a clever mix of the tactical Conquest mode and the instant action gameplay approach in Close Quarters," only "tailored to the tight level design and frantic close quarters combat." Real-time environment destruction will play a part in the experience, as well.

You can check learn more about Close Quarters and watch the first trailer, which was released last month, over here. It sounds like EA DICE is trying to bring some of the goodness of Counter-Strike to BF3, and as a fan of both games, I can't say I'm unhappy about it.

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