Portal 2 puzzle creator coming on May 8

You know those Portal 2 authoring tools we told you about in October? Well, they're finally on the way. Valve calls them the "Perpetual Testing Initiative," and the company is gearing up for a joint, OS X and Windows release on May 8.

As we pointed out last year, the tools have a stylized interface that looks right out of those little Portal and Portal 2 cartoons Valve makes. Except, of course, it's supposed to be fully interactive.

The editor will also let you publish maps directly to the Steam Workshop, just like those Skyrim mod tools that came out in February. The Steam Workshop catalogs user-created content in a nice, straightforward way, which I'm sure will spur the creation of some interesting Portal 2 puzzles. I can't wait to see what folks come up with. (Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.)

Update: There's a trailer out that shows the editor in action (among other things):

Looks nifty.

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