The chip wars - part I

Zach Gusky of The Inquirer takes a humorous look at the chip wars being waged between Intel and AMD.
IN THE BLUE CORNER we have the Champion. Intel, the maker of roughly 80 per cent of x86 computer chips in the world. Formerly worth half a trillion, they have dropped some weight. But they still weighing in at a hefty 158 billion, give or take a few billion.

Previously, Intel has defeated all opponents in the Chip Wars. Although there have been some bloody battles, the victor none-the-less, has always been Intel.

And, in the green corner, we have the Challenger. Coming to you directly from Sunnyvale California and weighing in at a whopping 6.3 billion, give or take a few million. The mighty mouse who could, the wonder dog that just wouldn't give up. Advanced…Micro…Devices. AMD Ladies and Gentlemen.

The fight is scheduled for twelve rounds. Let's get ready to rumble...
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