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  1. AnandTech, Hardware Canucks & PC Perspective on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 690
  2. X-bit labs: AMD, GlobalFoundries, other set to
    fully-depleted SOI with 14nm, 20nm chips;
    GlobalFoundries moves to 3D stacked 20nm chips - Fudzilla
  3. on Ivy Bridge temperatures - it's gettin' hot in here
  4. Neowin: hp is working on x86 Windows 8 tablet, rough render exposed
  5. Liliputing: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) rooted
  6. Woz: Windows Phone is 'beautiful,' Android 'no contest,'
    still loves iPhone, ask again tomorrow - Engadget
  7. Shacknews: Modern Warfare 3 DLC available on PC in May


  1. Softpedia: Expert accidentally finds how DOS attacks can be launched via Google
  2. Netbooksnews on 11.6" MSI's L2700 Brazos 2.0 notebook (in German)
  3. Fudzilla: AMD dropped FX-6200 price as well
    and MSI's Z77A-GD80 shows up in full glory
  4. VR-Zone: Asus P8Z77-V Premium gets almost official and Asus
    reveals two budget-friendly P8Z77-V motherboard models and
    HighPoint launches the RocketStor USB 3.0 dock with RAID,
    claims 10Gbps speeds
  5. Fudzilla: Club3D announces PokerSeries graphics cards
  6. MIT News: Through a glass, clearly
  7. NCIX's Weekend Express

  1. Bloomberg: Intel expects to be 'big player' in phones within five years
  2. CRN: Microsoft execs defend VDI price hike for iPad, Android tablets
Software and gaming

  1. Computerworld: 'Obstinate' Conficker worm infests millions of PCs years later
  2. LinuxNOV's Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin review
  3. A history of Mozilla browsers design
  4. Wine 1.5.3 released
  5. Maximum PC: Just what is Nvidia unveiling?
  6. Diablo III TV commercial airs Sunday on Fox

  1. TechReviewSource's hands-on with Google Drive
  2. PureOC reviews CM Sentinel Advance II mouse & Speed-RX gaming surface
  3. NiKKTech reviews 620W Antec HCG-620M PSU
  4. Funky Kit reviews Thermaltake Armor Revo case
  5. PureOC reviews BitFenix Raider case
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