Ivy Bridge goes up for sale at Newegg, Amazon

Intel's Ivy Bridge processors weren't available immediately after reviews went up around the web last week. Today, that little oversight has been rectified. Seven different models of quad-core Ivy Bridge processors have gone up for sale at major e-tailers, including Newegg and Amazon.

The available processors range up in price from the $199.99 Core i5-3450 to the $349.99 Core i7-3770K. The Core i5-3450 runs at 3.1GHz with a 3.5GHz Turbo peak, 6MB of cache, and Intel HD Graphics 2500. The 3770K has a 3.5GHz base speed, a 3.9GHz Turbo peak, 8MB of cache, Hyper-Threading capabilities (translation: eight threads instead of four), and Intel HD Graphics 4000. The faster HD Graphics variant has twice as many execution units and double the texturing capacity.

Oh, and of course, the i7-3770K has an unlocked upper multiplier to simplify overclocking. The i5-3450 does not.

Other attributes, though, are shared between the two chips. Both have 77W thermal envelopes, support for DDR3-1600 memory, built-in PCI Express 3.0 connectivity, and (strangely), no enterprise-friendly features like TXT, vPro, or VT-d. Those perks only come in four of the seven products, all of them slower than the i7-3770K. Go figure. Check out our review for more info, including a detailed list of the seven and their specs.

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